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  • Can be installed on any EAF -- AC or DC
  • Diminished mutual inductance
  • Power transfer between phases is practically eliminated, assuring well balanced symmetric electric
  • Diminishing of interaction of magnetic fields of different phases -- Reduction of lateral movements of electrode arms and/or cables is improving function of the automatic electrode control system
  • Main tubular-conductor, preferably made of copper is advantageously located coaxially in the tubular cavity of the electrode arm. Since it is totally protected, it is practically maintenance-free
  • Conductors are cooled via main tubular conductor, thus eliminating necessity of any seals
  • Magnetic field confining shield of AUTO-REACT™ is made from magnetic material, with high magnetic permeability, it also beneficially increases the reactance of the phase circuit to the desired value of the High Current Network
  • Electrical asymmetry or unbalance of an AC EAF equipped with the AUTO-REACT™ system could be reduced to 1.5 % on the basis of Reactance X
  • Reduces flicker, depending on short circuit level of the electric energy-supplying network
  • Shortens tap-to-tap time and reduces the consumption of electric energy up to 5% each
  • No need for additional loop installed in centre electrode arm or delta closure, or costly reactors on the primary side of the furnace transformer

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